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Why Boudoir?

If you've always wanted to have a personal, boudoir photo session, but were unsure how these photo sessions work, I've put together a FREE E-Book just for you.  This book show you how to plan for your session, and wardrobe, how your session will proceed and what to expect after your session.  

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Many women struggle with self-image. Why do we struggle with this? Because we internalize unrealistic physical expectations that are portrayed through the media, often making us feel dowdy, unappealing, and inferior. I’m telling you that you’re lovely!      

Are you still trying to fit into an impossible mold, thinking you could be perfect if you could just fix one little thing? You won’t find perfection by losing a few more pounds or trying to hide each imperceptible blemish. You are perfectly beautiful now.

Let me show you how beautiful you are by scheduling a personal photo session in my private, boudoir studio.  Step out of your comfort zone with me and I’ll how you how to always remember how beautiful you are.

To learn more, click here to request our FREE E-Book, the DaVinci Images "Dream Photo Session Planner".

This E-Book tells you everything you need to know to prepare for a boudoir portrait experience and what to expect during your session.


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