Frequently Asked Questions

How should I get ready for my photo session?

During our initial consultation, we'll discuss what you'll need to do to prepare.  Every client has a different vision of how they want to look in their images, so your instructions will be customized for you alone.  Mostly they will focus on wardrobe, personal grooming and relaxation.  This will be your day to enjoy!


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Should I lose another 10 pounds before I schedule a photo session?

Absolutely not!  Remember, you are already beautiful.  I will work with you to accentuate your best assets and minimize anything you're not fond of.  It's all a matter of getting you into the right pose and adjusting the light and shadows to compliment the gorgeous woman you already are.  As a woman myself, I know how other women feel and will help you to look your best in every image.



When should I book my photo session?

If you are planning to use your portfolio as a gift, perhaps for your significant "other", you'll want to leave time for planning the session, taking the photos and the time it takes to order your final products.  Give yourself 6 to 8 weeks.  Otherwise, contact me directly and we can talk about how to meet the time frame you are working with.  

Photo sessions are typically conducted on Thursday, Friday or Saturday starting at 10 AM.  Those are the most frequently requested days, but from I can often make adjustments on the calendar to accommodate clients who prefer a different schedule.  Just ask!


How should I dress for my photo session?

Again, everyone's goals are different.  If you want a casual look, I suggest things like over sized sweaters or jackets, "his" dress shirt, or a favorite team's sports jersey.   For a sexier look some clients prefer to wear lingerie, stockings or fancy bras or corsets.  You can also just wear your "birthday suit" and we can strategically arrange sheets and blankets to compliment your shape.  We typically have time for up to three outfits, or two outfits and your "birthday suit", but we can arrange for more time if you want to add additional wardrobe selections.  

Your photo session is all about you.  We can dial it back to more of a glamour photo session, show less skin or skimpy outfits, and focus on your upper body if you prefer.  We can also pump it up to a more adventurous photo session with less outfit and more skin.  The most private parts will always be left to the imagination of the viewer, and I reserve the right to limit where I point my camera.  Either way, you will be photographed to show the elegant, gorgeous woman inside you.  


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There is a special closet in my studio that you can use for your sessions, or you can mix and match with some of your own wardrobe pieces.  There are corsets, semi-corset bras, stockings, over size items and spike heels.  View the items in the studio closet by clicking this link to a Pinterest page.




Where would my photo session take place?

My home studio on the west side of Austin offers several session sets and a changing room where your hair & makeup service will take place.  This location is completely private, and only the hair & makeup woman and I will be present.  For longer sessions, I may add a woman assistant, but you won't have to worry about anyone walking in off the street or showing up uninvited.  I can photograph you with tons of natural light or studio lighting, depending on what we're going for.  


How much do you charge and what is included?

On average, clients invest between $1800 and $5000 on their portfolio.  Most clients order an album or a box of mounted or matted prints and one or more framed prints.  At your consultation you will get to see the complete price list.  There are also some discounts for larger quantities and occasional specials.

I strongly recommend the optional hair & makeup service.  Great eyelashes and a matte finish to your makeup photograph best and my experts know exactly how to give you a camera ready look.  Basic retouching is always included and you can be sure I'll "nip & tuck" any stray pieces and parts to ensure a cohesive portfolio.  

There are packages available or you can order a-la-carte from the products list.  Packages typically include 10, 15 or 20 images but we can always add more.  Your ordering session will be scheduled 2 to 3 weeks after your session and will come with recommendations based on our initial consultation and the results we achieve together.  You ordering appointment will be held in person at the studio to avoid storing these sensitive images on line where they can be vulnerable to hackers.  We can schedule a remote session for clients coming from more than 100 miles, but the images will not actually be posted on line.



Who can attend my photo session with me?

Most clients plan to gift their significant "other" with their images, and that person can sometimes prevent the client from fully expressing their sensual side.  The intimate size of the studio makes it difficult to have another person present.  If you must have a girl friend present, we can schedule photo session time to accommodate both of you so you can each support each other through the process and you both get a fabulous portfolio.  Men or significant "others" are not allowed and no one under 18 years of age is permitted in the studio during a photo or ordering session.













Where will my images be shown?

Adding your images to my portfolio would be an honor!  However, your images will NOT be posted on any web site, blog, social media or any other public forum without you express, written consent.  Your contract will have a place for you to mark what you will allow me to show, if anything.  Some clients want everything held private and others want to show all (or some) their images to the world.  You get to decide, and I will honor your preference.


Do you do any other types of photography?

Many clients also need head shots for their business or web site.  Some want something special for their social media (Facebook, Linked In, Instagram and so on).  I'm happy to create head shots for you for those purposes.  Depending on availability, I'm happy to discuss any other photography needs you have for personal or commercial use.  If it's too far out of my specialty, I am happy to recommend someone else who will work with you.


Please e-mail me at [email protected] if you have any other questions, or schedule a consultation on my calendar: