I started my photography journey taking snapshots of popular tourist attractions in South Florida such as Parrot Jungle, Monkey Jungle, Vizcaya Museum and Gardens, Key West and more.  I was always a creative type, but worked in marketing for a technology company for most of my business career.  Today my goal is to make photographs that tell your story.   

As a Certified Professional Photographer, I am committed to giving clients a quality product and an engaging, fun experience.  Certification requires technical expertise, artistic composition and secure file management to give you confidence that you have selected a reliable, quality photographer.  Images should evoke an emotional reaction and communicate the feeling you want to send, be it for a commercial or personal portfolio.

For business owners, DaVinci Images can help you send the right message to your ideal customers.  Vivid images that show detail and texture can give customers the critical desire for your products and services.  Planning a portfolio for your business can help you keep customers interested and maximize your budget.    

Portrait photography, particulary boudoir style, is all about you, and should capture the attitude and expression that tells your story.  The transitions of life take all our attention, and along the way we can forget how strong, beautiful and powerful we are.  Let me help you create a portfolio that will give you a boost of confidence every time you see it.  A personal portfoio is not just for movie stars and musicians...every man and woman will be empowered by a personal portfolio.