How to Take Better Vacation Photos

People tell me all the time how they love to take pictures, but they don't understand how their camera works or how they can take better pictures.  The solution?  Photography classes in easy to understand lessons that show you exactly how your camera works and how to take better photos.  You don't have to be going on vacation to put these lessons into practice.  Lessons are easy to follow for both beginners and those who want to refresh their skills.  Come learn with me!




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 1. Introduction to Modern Photography      $100   

 2. Taking Your Trip Photos        $100  

Individual Skills Assessment

Digital Camera Technology

Lens Selection

Exposure Basics

Managing Controls

File Types

Image Composition

Light & Shadow

ISO, Shutter Speed & Aperture

Focal Length Impact

Your Vacation Camera Bag

Printing Considerations

 3. Enhanced Techniques                              $125  

 4. Lighting Methods                  $125  

Depth Of Field

Controlling Motion

Posing Subjects

Close-up & Macro Images

Landscape Photography

Night Photography

Ambient Light

Natural Light

Night Photography

Light Modifiers

Fill Flash

Speed Lights

 5. Advanced Techniques                              $150  

 6. Photo Organization                  $150  

Panoramic Images

HDR Photography

Lens Filters

Lens Enhancement Tools

Light Color Modifications

Storing Images

Managing Files

Photo Manipulation Methods

Vacation Image Sharing

Printing And Framing  Choices