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The Boudoir Experience


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Boudoir Photography Builds Confidence

All women are beautiful.  Sometimes we are so busy taking care of everyone else, we forget how beautiful we are.  We sacrifice taking care of ourselves and focus on the important people in our lives.  The Boudoir Experience at DaVinci Images helps you remember the strong and beautiful woman inside you and how special you are.

Starting with hair & makeup service, clients are pampered throughout their photo session.  All our attention is focused on you...wardrobe, posing, lighting and so forth are all designed to capture the goddess inside.  You can mix and match your wardrobe with the collection in the studio closet.  (Click the link above to see the inventory there.)  Together we will create a portfolio that shows your unique personality and builds your confidence every day.

Each time you see your images the confidence inside you will grow stronger and spill over into your everyday life.  Whether you are a wife, mother, employee, business owner, friend or have another role, you will be able to use that confidence to successfully accomplish all your goals.


Every time you see your wall hangings, custom album or mounted prints, you'll remember how strong you are.  Your confidence will rise as you remember how good your photos made you feel the day they were made and the first time you saw them.  

The first step is to schedule a 45-minute consulting appointment with the photographer.  Because of the global COVID-19 pandemic, consultation appointments can be conducted in person or by video conference and consultation fees have been eliminated.  Every client is different, so we'll discuss the custom photo session you have in mind.  Booking requires a session fee we'll discuss in the initial consultation and depends on any special requirements you have in mind, such as location, props, wardrobe, makeup, special effects, assistants, etc.  Click on the link above to request a consultation on my calendar.  

Clients select a keepsake album or an heirloom box of prints. Wall art and table top displays in framed prints, acrylic blocks, wooden blocks, canvas wraps and more are also available.  These will be covered in the inital consultation and helps us plan your photo session to make sure we capture what you want.

Once you've had your consultation and we've out lined a plan for your photo session, you can request a day & time for your photo session on my calendar.  Booking a photo session is $299 to secure space on my calendar.  I'll confirm the date and time by return email.    

Clients can epect to spend between $700 and $1500 for the photo sessions and a keepsake album or heirloom box.  Wall art and other printed images range from $149 to $1099 and will be covered in the initial consultation.  

Gift certificates can be purchased for someone you want to have this experience by clicking the blue gift certificates button above.