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Mountain scenes from some of my favorite snow skiing locations. Various textures in the snow, created by wind, sun or people, make each image different.
Aspen Snowmass 2015-1Aspen Snowmass 2015-2Aspen Snowmass 2015-3Aspen Snowmass 2015-4Aspen Snowmass 2015-5Aspen Snowmass 2018-1Beaver Creek 2010-1Breckenridge 2009-1Breckenridge 2009-2Breckenridge 2009-3Chile 2005-1Chile 2005-2Chile 2005-3Chile 2005-4Chile 2005-5Keystone 2016-1Keystone 2016-2Keystone 2016-3Keystone 2016-4Keystone 2016-5